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The R Journal >> Current Issue

The R Journal >> Current Issue

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ISSN: 2073-4859
The  Journal

Volume 3/2, December 2011

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Table of Contents


Contributed Research Articles

Creating and Deploying an Application with (R)Excel and R 
Thomas Baier, Erich Neuwirth and Michele De Meo
glm2: Fitting Generalized Linear Models with Convergence Problems 
Ian C. Marschner
Implementing the Compendium Concept with Sweave and DOCSTRIP 
Michael Lundholm
Watch Your Spelling! 
Kurt Hornik and Duncan Murdoch
Ckmeans.1d.dp: Optimal k-means Clustering in One Dimension by Dynamic Programming 
Haizhou Wang and Mingzhou Song
Nonparametric Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Discrete Null Distributions 
Taylor B. Arnold and John W. Emerson
Using the Google Visualisation API with R 
Markus Gesmann and Diego de Castillo
GrapheR: a Multiplatform GUI for Drawing Customizable Graphs in R 
Maxime Hervé
rainbow: An R Package for Visualizing Functional Time Series 
Han Lin Shang

Programmer's Niche

Portable C++ for R Packages 
Martyn Plummer

News and Notes

R's Participation in the Google Summer of Code 201164
Conference Report: useR! 201168
Forthcoming Events: useR! 201270
Changes in R72
Changes on CRAN84
News from the Bioconductor Project86
R Foundation News87

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